Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer 2011 Anime - What to look forward to

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So every low level blogger seems to write a dumb post about what shows are airing next season and what they are going to watch. As a low level blogger myself, I figured I should be doing the same thing.

Now let's begin!

Appleseed XIII - More like Appleshit amirite?
Inumarudashi - ...
Double-J - "The story is about the surreal, strange life in a high school full of cute girls" Finally something creative. Just kidding, it's not creative or interesting at all. It should be called Double-Gay.

BLADE - I wonder if any of Madhouse's anime versions of American garbage have been successful? Either way, absolutely zero interest. Even the source material is trash in the case of Blade.
Uta no Etc - Otome game turned anime? No thanks.
Natsume - I wont exactly say it looks bad, but it's apparently the 3rd season of a series I haven't watched, so yea.

Yuru Yuri - Another shitty and boring slice of life manga centring around 4 or so girls. turned into an even worse anime. I'm sure the K-ON group and low level /a/nime fans will love it.
Kamisama Dolls - Not about to read something not starring a high school protagonist. Just kidding, if Sudo says good things about it I'll check it out.
Morita-san wa Mukuchi - What is this? A slice of life "comedy" manga centring around a handful of girls? Turned anime!? I never though I would see the day.

Nyanpire the Animation - No comment.
Usagi Drop - Sudo told me there was time skip in this where she jumps from being 6 to 16 or some shit. I do not watch/read things with time skips. Quite possible the worst form of plot 'development'.
NO.6 - The show is based on a story by the author of Telepathy Shoujo Ran, which was not good, so I don't see this being good. It is also by Bones, a studio that has only made one good series before. The plot description for the series also sounds like shit, so I'll pass.

The Idolm@ster - Oh wow, im@s is getting an anime adaptation. What's that, there will be no male producer as the protag or anything? Just some shitty 'moe' show meant to appeal to the lower dregs of society? I'm sure all the secondary fans will enjoy it and spam images. I'll just stick to the game.
Blood-C - No thanks.
Mayo Chiki - I can't begin to describe how uninteresting this sounds.

R-15 - I'm sure there will be lot's of fanservice.
Dantalian no Shoka - Totally uninteresting. The author's older work, Asura Cryin' was pretty bad as well.
Ro-Kyu-Bu - This... actually looks pretty good. I will watch this. Only because I like basketball. I'm not a lolicon or something.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou -  Sounds pretty dumb. I wouldn't really consider her a NEET if she is solving cases and such, because she isn't really a leech on society in that case. She is also kind of young to be considered a NEET really. Would you consider a baby a NEET because they aren't working, in school, or in training yet? Of course not, how dumb. 15 is the age the Japanese government starts considering people to be NEETs and it is questionable whether this girl is that old. Regardless, it doesn't sound that interesting. At least it has a male protagonist. I might try it out if I hear good things.
Mawaru Penguindrum - No thanks.
Sacred Seven - Again, I'll check it out if I hear good things.

Baka to Test - The first season was hilarious. Here's hoping for more awesomeness.
Ikoku Meiro no Croisee - Sounds like it should be a biography. Not interested. I don't normally care for past settings as it is anyway.
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi - I have also been really sleepy lately, I keep dreaming of good anime. But sadly there is no Raildex airing at the moment.

Nekogami Yaoyorozu - No thanks.
Manyuu Hikenchou - If you read that summary for that anime, and are even somewhat interested in watching it, then perhaps you should see a doctor.
Nurarihyon - No thanks.
Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel - >Freshman high school students
Why does the chart maker use retarded terms like freshman, but has no problem using words like 'goukon'? Either way the show looks terrible.
Milky Awesomeness - Yes please!

So there you have it, the anime series airing this summer. Nothing worth watching - Except Milky Holmes. Fall looks to be better though.


  1. A++ post would read again

  2. Well I guess there's always the Milky Holmes special, Saku-san!

  3. @Saten-san
    Because Milky Holmes are pretty moe ;_;

  4. @Sakura
    Well it is an anime dedicated solely to cute girls doing cute things, so that's just about right!