Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sotsugyou Next Graduation

I had been looking for a girl raising sim (?) after spending far too many hours in Princess Maker, and saw this recommended in a thread somewhere so I gave it a shot.

Please give me my six and a half hours back.

You, the protagonist, are a middle school teacher. There are 5 girls, in your class. They are the daughters of women whom you used to be the teacher of back in the day and helped graduate. Which is kind of weird, because it means they all had their kids in the same year (and they're all girls). But anyway, they bring you their daughters to help graduate middle school like you did for them when they were kids.

The flow of the game is basically Mon-Sun. For the school days, you choose where you 5 girls sit. There are two groups, so you always have a group of 3 and of 2. Placing a girl who is good at English in a group is supposed to increase the gain they get to that subject. Or something. I didn't pay much attention. You choose the subject they study to raise their stats the way you want. This happens twice a school week.

Then on the weekend, you can visit the girls at home and tutor them or take them out somewhere. You can also choose to 'patrol' which leads to certain random events. Choosing to take the girl out when you visit her at home, is like a date event. Except really shitty. It seems like there must be like, 5 events. And they repeat. I must have seen the same events for the girl I was aiming for, like 4 times each.

It's also kind of funny, that you are technically the teacher of an entire class, yet clearly you only focus on this group of 5 girls.

The girls also have certain status's that they can fall into, which don't make any sense to me. They can become 'delinquent' which you fix by just patrolling and seeing a scene. Some of the other status's made no sense to me as it did not seem to change the girl's attitude, character portrait, etc. at all.

I should mention that this is the girl I was aiming for. Her name is Takagi Reika. She was raised in America and has come to Japan because she has heard lots about it from her mother and likes what she hears. However she has a glorified image of Japan in her mind and is very disappointed when it's not as amazing as she thought it would be. She frequently compares it to America, with America being better to her. For example she brings up school uniforms and stuff saying it's silly that they can't dress the way they want etc etc etc. Frankly, I thought those parts were kind of annoying. Her knowledge about the US was also incorrect in certain parts, but the game is made by Japanese so that's to be expected.

Anyway she eventually warms up to the country.

There was also a part during winter break, where they reused the same line that they had used in summer break. It was voiced as '折角の夏休み' but wasn't in the text. Seemed pretty low quality like that at parts.

So at the end, of my sitting through this super mediocre game, 3 of the 5 girls graduated. The girl I was aiming for graduated so it didn't matter that the lesser girls failed. They should feel ashamed for failing middle school anyway.

BUT, at that point, after the credits, and watching the epilogue, I finally realised. There is no romance in this game. I don't get to end up with any of the girls. Even though I could raise their affection for me. They just graduate middle school and go their separate ways. The epilogue is a letter from each of them describing what they're doing now/aiming to be. Reika, the girl I was aiming for, said her dream in the future was to become Sensei's (my) wife. And that was it.

Please give me my six and a half hours back.


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