Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ore no Imouto PORTABLE

The games been out for about a week now, I've cleared all main routes, so I figured I'd talk about it.

Let me start by saying I am now a fan of OreImo. I like Kirino, and that's about it. I don't enjoy the anime or the light novels that much. I do, however, like this game. I'm pretty sure it's made by the same people who made Toradora P, so if you liked that then you'll probably like this. I've also already deleted the game so I can't take pictures. I only took one shitty one.

There are five heroines, each with multiple endings. I'm sure you could guess who, but they're Kirino, Ayase, Saori, Jimiko, and Kuroneko. Kanako also has a short if route that splits off from Ayase's, and there are multiple endings with Akagi, some dude. I'm not sure whereabouts the game takes place in terms of series timeline, as I have not read all the novels nor do I plan to. I do know it's been about a year since the start of the series.

The gameplay is as follows:

Look I found a picture of Two Shot.

There is two shot conversation system, and the ORE system. The two shot consists of you entering a talk phase with one of the main heroines. During the conversation you will have points where you can press square and interject or press nothing and let it pass. Kind of like the way you make decisions in School Days. Sometimes it might be hard to know what you're supposed to choose to get the desired result but it's pretty easy once you get the knack of it/save-load. If you did well enough in the conversation, the story will continue, other wise it will say URGENT EVASION (or something like that) on the screen and you'll have the option to try to smooth things over. Either way you generally want to avoid getting that message unless you are talking to a girl you care not about.

I have absolutely no recollection what ORE stands for, but it is basically conversation keys you get throughout the game that allow you to decide the route. They play more influence on route splits than the two shot. For example, at the school trip, you decide who to buy a souvenir for. The people you can buy for, are decided by the ORE's you've received up to that point. You might get the ORE for Kirino's souvenir, then, assuming you meet the prerequisites, you would choose that ORE at the airport, and then when you come home, BAM you're on Kirino's route. Otherwise you get to spend time with Akagi.

I'll talk about the routes, so there will be spoilers. All routes start after you get home from your school trip.

Isn't she just the cutest?

In Kirino's route, you return home to find she is acting weird. She has lost her memories it turns out. Or, more specifically her memories of anything Otaku related, including you. So basically she remembers nothing about you over the past year. Her route mostly consists of Kyousuke trying to get her memories back. The endings range from she never remembers, to she gets her memories back. The worst part about her route, and the game for me, is that there is no romance here. The end of the good route is kind of ok, but nothing love related. My main reason for wanting to play this game is wanting to romance Kirino. But what can I expect? The game is rated B, I doubt they wanted to have blood related brother sister romance. There is an IF ending though, where you discover you are not her biological brother, but that's just the worst for me.

Pixiv is so useful!

My sweet angel Ayase-tan's route was about her wanting to understand Kirino's hobbies, and you via Kyousuke spending time with her. At the end, you go to Comike together, afterwords Kyousuke and Ayase start dating. However! Kirino doesn't like this much, and is all upset saying she won't except it. Ayase's normal ending was probably my favourite, because of Kirino's behaviour.

The only picture I took myself!
Kirino just was so cute here I couldn't help it. Kyousuke says he understands and would feel the same way if the situation were reversed. Then the best part? Kyousuke breaks up with Ayase! I couldn't believe it, but as a Kirino fan I was elated. In the happy ending you don't break up and in the epilogue you are with Ayase some years later, she's pregnant, Kirino comes to visit, everyone is happy.

Saori's route was kind of weird. She ends up getting engaged to some 40 year old guy due to family. And he wants her to stop her otaku ways. Anyway, in the good end, you marry her instead. CG with wedding dress etc. Bad end NTR.

I literally held skip through the entirety of Manami's route, so I don't have anything to say.

Kuroneko's route was ok I guess. Just kidding it kinda sucked.

I give Ore no Imouto P a 7.5/10
It's not great, it's not intuitive, it may not make everyone happy, but it was definitely fun to play. If you aren't a fan of the series or don't know much about it but like galge, give it a go.


  1. helo i am the one who voted in your poll please change my vote from kuroneko to "kirino" i made horrible mistake

  2. @Zunbar
    I'm sorry, I don't have the ability to change other people's votes! However, I think you've made the right choice voting for Kuroneko, so no need to worry!