Thursday, February 24, 2011

Idolm@ster 2 GET

I got The idolm@ster 2 today, so I figured I'd upload some pictures.

Some stupid trading cards. I don't care.
I purchased the first press limited edition, or whatever it's called. It came with these trading cards, a download code for Little Match Girl, my employee card for 765Pro, some post card size images of the idols, and that's it. Not sure if it was worth the premium over the original. But oh well.

You can see the employee card on the left. It has some unique code on the back.
Not sure if it's used for anything.
The game is only rated CERO B, while the last one was CERO C.

As you can see, my case appears to be cracked. Disappointing!
At least it's only aesthetic.
No Jupiter?
The idols themselves actually took the time to sign their names on the back.
Whelp, now I'm going to go try the game. Goodbye.


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