Monday, December 6, 2010

Received some items

I got some junk in that I ordered today off of HMV. I ordered the 12 volumes of CCS and idolm@ster.

I was going to order two other games as well, Ore no Yome, and the Chaos;Head fandisk. Ore no Yome looked to be not so good, however, and kind of reminded me of LovePlus, so I decided not to order it. Chaos;Head I just didn't feel like I had the money, and it's coming out on PSP soon.

Why is Sakura so cute?
It's a bit silly that, as much as I like Card Captor Sakura, I didn't have the manga yet. So I decided to grab it off HMV. They were pretty cheap, about 400 yen a volume. They also came with a flimsy little Clow Card thing in each volume, featuring a character.

I like the artwork. It looks very nice and clean. Poor Meiling doesn't get to be featured on any of the cards. Oh well, I don't think she had any fans anyway.

I hate the grey packaging.
I also picked up im@s for the 360. At first I wasn't sure if I should get it. I've already played some of the PSP versions. I've finished Yayoi and partway produced Haruka and Chihaya. But, it was the platinum edition so it was pretty cheap. Around 2500 yen or so. Figured I might as well for the improved graphics.