Friday, November 19, 2010

Xbox 360

I recently got my Xbox 360 in the mail, in preparation for Idolm@ster 2. I ordered the 4GB model off of HMV. I got the 360, Dream Club (Platinum Edition), and the latest issue of G's Magazine.
In total it all came to ¥33,020, I used EMS (as is required by HMV) I just wish the exchange rate wasn't so shitty.

I really like the new 360. It's super sleek and quiet, and the buttons are all touch like the PS3. It also has built in wireless which is nice. Unfortunately though, I can't purchase any games from the games on demand service, or any videos from the video marketplace on the Japanese marketplace, as it is region locked.

So I've currently got Dream Club, and looking at what I should get next. I'm thinking about getting the Idolm@ster and possibly Ore no Yome, or the Chaos Head fandisc. I'm not sure about Ore no Yome though. It sounds kind of like Love Plus with it's pre waifu phase and post (where the majority of the game I assume takes place). Personally, I don't like that system in Love Plus that much, and get bored almost immediately after the relation ship starts.

The G's Magazine was nice. I really don't know what I buy them for. Must be the silly posters. This one game with two bath posters, Kuroko and Kanade from Angel Beats. I've already got two in my shower. Not sure if I should put these in too. It also had some preview of the Oreimo game, which I'm kind of looking forward too. I rather enjoyed Toradora Portable even though I don't like Toradora itself that much. It also gave the release date (April 28) for Rewrite, though I could've just checked Key's page for it.

I've also started playing Fragile for the Wii lately, and it's pretty nice. I really like the whole style of it so far. I'll probably write a post of what I think of Dream Club thus far.


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  2. @Anon
    >implying I didn't literally take these pics myself.