Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 GOTY list

Now that 2012 is coming to a close, I think I'll post a list of what I found to be the best, and worst games of the year 2012!

Top ten 2012 games of the year:

1. AKB1/149
2. New Love Plus
3. Bravely Default
4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
5. Persona 4 The Golden
6. Fire Emblem: Awakening
7. Mass Effect 3
8. Harvest Moon: New Beginning
9. Halo 4
10. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Honourable mentions: FTL, Spec Ops: The Line, Binary Domain

Kusoge of the year (1 being the most kuso and 10 being the least)

1. The Walking Dead

The focus of the game is giving you, the player, choices. Having to choose between two equally shitty options. Having to choose to do something pretty depressing. Etc etc. Now this would sound like a good game. Except it is extremely linear. Regardless of what you choose, you get the same outcome. Because of this, I get a sudden disconnect from the world, and no longer care that much about what I choose. I can choose to save Y or X, but if they are both going to die after anyway, who cares? What's the point?

The fact that every time you boot up the game it states how the decisions you make shape and alter the story etc is just an insult. Mass Effect 3 is less linear than this game.

2. Dust: An Elysian Tail

Furry shit.

3. Mists of Pandaria

This new expansion doesn't bring anything new. Though I suppose they aren't trying to any more. It just dumbs down the game even further. You get the expansion, level to the new level cap via questing in the new zones. But it isn't fun. Killing mobs and doing the mundane quests have just gotten so boring now. And then on top of that, they have this stupid nonsensical Disney-esque storyline, so any reason to play it from a lore aspect is gone too.

4. Skullgirls

I wish non Japanese would stop trying to make Japanese-esque games. You are an inferior race, and thus will create an inferior product. We must all worship our Japanese overlords.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

One of the games that was supposedly going to help save the Vita, but it's complete garbage.

6. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

A kinect game that controls like poop. Pretty much rendering it unplayable.

7. Game of Thrones

Kuso, just like the show.

8. Kingdom Hearts 3D

Probably the worst KH game I've played. It just isn't fun. The story is boring. The characters are boring. And instead of cruising around with Donald and Goofy like a main series title, you get stupid little creatures you collect and customise, but are ultimately never very helpful.

The gameplay is a joke. Any enemy encounter can be bested by simply using the free flow attacks or whatever they are called, even on hard. So jump on a wall, jump in the air, and use the attack button. Rinse and repeat. For every enemy. I never even bothered using magic because there was no point.

9. Lollipop Chainsaw

Another Suda game.

10. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

The other game that was supposed to give you a reason to purchase the Vita, and it ain't very great either. Though most certainly not as bad as Declassified. The plot is largely unimportant, and the gameplay ain't great either.

And the game adds itself to the (long) list of Vita games that do not run at the Vita's max resolution. The Vita's resolution is 960x544 (522,240 pixels) yet the game only runs at 720x384 (276,480). How disappointing. One of the reasons I bought a Vita was for the relatively high resolution. But if the games ain't even running at it, then what's the point?


  1. It's a pretty accurate list Sacchan, thank you for your impeccable taste.

    I agree with you on #4 on the kusoge list, nothing makes a game worse than a western one trying to be Japanese. It's even worse when western cartoons/comics try to look like anime/manga, it's so horrible.

    1. Thank you Saten-dono. If you were a game, you would be on my kamige list.

    2. は、恥ずかしいよ!

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    1. You can't stop my endless fanbase, Sacchan.

    2. First Canada's money supply, next the world

  3. We're all waiting warmly for your next blog post.

    1. I should have a new one by 2015.

    2. やったね~